Stamford HQ Opening

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After a hot day of parades and door knocking, Chris took a brief respite to help open the Stamford Democratic Committee's headquarters.

There was an awesome crowd - made even better by the illustrious speaking panel that joined Chris. Chris's good friend Jim Hines was there to introduce him and said "When I got to the House, Chris really took me under his wing to show me how things worked.  And the great thing about Chris is that he doesn't just always vote with our party, he votes for what's right. And I really admire him."

Chris also mentioned our newest campaign tool: Family, Friends, and Neighbors. It allows supporters to go through our voter file, find the people they know, and send them personalized postcards.  You can signup to participate here:

By the end of all the speeches, the crowd was really fired up.  As Chris put it, "Our opponents may have millions of dollars, but I have you."

Pouring coffee and talking jobs

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This morning Chris visited Leo's Restaurant in Southbury as part of our "Getting to Work Tour". This tour is a different type of jobs tour. Chris is not only talking to business owners but also their employees, and actually stepping into their shoes for a bit to better experience what their job is like. 

He started out the conversations by filling in for the waitstaff and pouring coffee for the patrons as they enjoyed their breakfast. From there, conversations turned towards the customers ideas about the best way for Washington to help Connecticut's economy grow. This visit follows last weeks stops at Ad Chem Technology where Chris talked to manufacturing workers and Total Image Beauty and Barbor where Chris swept the floor while talking to the barbershops customers and employees.


Team Murphy Gets to Work for Kaboom! in Waterbury

June 24 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

When Team Murphy isn't out on the campaign trail, we like to make sure we're doing something to help the communities we work and live in. That's why on Saturday, a group of volunteers went to Waterbury to help Kaboom! - in its partnership with the Connecticut Community Foundation and the American Heart Association - build a new playground at Chase Park.

It was a great event, organized by a truly fantastic group of people! We were excited to be able to participate, and look forward to seeing the community enjoy their new park.


Canvassing in Farmington

June 20 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of tagging along with Ruth and Gil of Canton - two of Team Murphy's volunteers - to a canvass in Farmington. They were really rockstars - not only giving up their Saturday morning and driving from Canton, but their excitement and dedication helped get everyone at the canvass pumped up.

While Ruth and Gil are veterans of canvassing, we had people at every level of experience at our events across the state. Before each event, we hold a short canvassing training - it's a great way to learn little bit about how to canvass, and to meet some new people - all of whom are as great as Ruth and Gil!

We'll be doing canvasses around the state almost every weekend from now through the August 14th primary, and through to November, and we're always looking for new members for Team Murphy. If you have time to come help out, please sign up at



Getting to Work

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Today marked the start of Chris' "Getting to Work" Summer 2012 Jobs Tour at AdChem Manufacturing Technologies in Manchester and Total Image Beauty and Barber in Stamford.  But this isn't your everyday jobs tour - instead of talking only to employers, Chris is getting down and dirty at each of the jobs to getter a better idea of the challenges facing Connecticut's working families.  By focusing both on employees and employers, Chris will be able to better develop policies to create jobs back here in Connecticut.

Over the next few months, Chris will be visiting jobs in every corner of the state to do what he does best - listen to the needs of Connecticut's residents and find ways to ensure they are represented well in Washington.  

“We’ve all seen politicians taking a top-down approach, telling business owners and workers what they need, but our Getting to Work tour is different,” said Murphy. “Listening has become a lost art in government—I got into public service in the first place because I just thought that my government wasn’t listening to me anymore."

We'll be announcing the next stop in our job's tour in the coming days - in the mean time, take a look at the pictures below of Chris getting to work!

Updates from Across the State

June 13 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

As the saying goes, "If you don't like the weather in New England, wait 15 minutes." But the rain and wind and heat hasn't kept Team Murphy off the trail, and in the past few days we've been very busy!

This past weekend, Chris criss-crossed the state as usual, but even rainy weather couldn't keep him from the AFSCME Council 4 campaign kick-off, the Portuguese Day Celebration and Black Rock Parade in Bridgeport, or the West

Hartford Day festival. Pictures from these events are included below - and a video of Chris' speech from the AFSCME event is included above. It's always great when Chris is able to travel the state and meet with voters - especially when he gets to bring Owen along to walk in a parade.

In the past few weeks, Team Murphy has also started our voter outreach program.  We've had volunteers going door to door throughout the state - from Norwich to Greenwich - and we've gotten great responses from voters. We're going to run this campaign the same way we always have - by reaching out to voters and talking one-on-one about what they want for the State of Connecticut.

If you have time, we'd love to welcome you to Team Murphy! You can always check to see what events - from canvasses and phone banks to visibility events - here:



Matt Oakes and Chris Murphy Join Forces!

May 24 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

Team Murphy is proud to announce our newest member - Matthew Oakes.  While Matt was running for the U.S. Senate, he brought the unique voice of someone who has experienced many of the issues facing Connecticut's working families.

We're excited to have him aboard!


Chris Endorsed by the CCAG

May 23 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink


Today, Chris was endorsed by the Connecticut Citizen Action Group - an organization that, as Chris said, "is the voice for the working men and women in our state."

From his time in the State Legislature, Chris has worked closely with the CCAG on issues from campaign finance reform to providing health care to the working families of Connecticut.

Tom Swan, Executive Director of the CCAG, praised Chris' dedication to standing up for the rights of Connecticut's men and women, even in the face of pressure from Republican opposition.  In citing their reasons for endorsing Chris,

Swan particularly highlighted the fact that Chris has always stood by his Democratic principles - no matter how hard of a race he was in.

At Team Murphy, we're particularly excited that Chris received this endorsement - few organizations have a better grassroots track record in Connecticut, and they will be a valuable asset in this election.

As Chris said, "In an election where we expect to be outspent five to one, CCAG's grassroots organization will be a key to our victory."


Senator Blumenthal Joins Team Murphy

May 21 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink


Today was another exciting day at Team Murphy - at Capital Community College in Hartford, Chris was endorsed by Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal.

Following Chris' resounding win at the state Democratic Convention, Senator Blumenthal noted that Chris was the only candidate who could take on Linda McMahon in the fall, and noted that Chris has an incredible record on expanding access to health care and in protecting women's rights against the Republican onslaught.

"I believe strongly that Chris will be an extraordinary United States Senator," Blumenthal said to the crowd assembled to watch the event. "He has experience winning tough races, and we're going to need someone who is capable of winning a tough race this year if we're going to have a Democrat in the United States Senate."

Chris was extremely excited to receive Blumenthal's endorsement - both because of his record fighting for the same issues Chris cares deeply about, but also because Blumenthal has critical experience fighting and winning against Linda McMahon, and Chris is looking forward to his help in doing it again.

"Dick Blumenthal knows how to beat Linda McMahon," Chris said. "He knows it's not the number of ads on TV, it's the number of boots on the ground.  And so to have his support in this race, and to have him as an advisor on my side, means the world to me."


Connecticut Democratic Party Endorses Chris Murphy

May 12 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

By a truly decisive margin, the Connecticut Democratic Party endorsed Chris Murphy's campaign for the United States Senate.  In a vote of delegates from Connecticut's 169 cities and towns, Chris won 1378 votes - about 76% of all those assembled.  Racking up unanimous support from small towns like Salisbury and big cities like West Hartford, Chris also received overwhelming support from  cities like New Haven, where he wont 73 of the city's 83 delegates.

While Chris spoke of his desire to fight for Democratic principles in the United States Senate, and the need to beat back the Republican effort to give tax breaks to the ultrarich and cut women's access to adequate health care, he spent the most of his nomination acceptance speech talking about what has defined every one of his campaigns.  Starting with his campaign against a 14-term incumbent State Representative to his 2006 campaign against Republican Nancy Johnson, Chris has never backed down from a tough fight, and has always been able to win.

In describing his secret weapon, the thing that allowed him to win in every election he's had, Chris pointed to the people in the convention hall today - "I need your help - we are going to be outspent.  I need you to go out, knock doors, and talk to friends.  Because at the end of the day, it's not the number of ads on TV that's going to win this election - it's going to come down to boots on the ground."


Team Murphy Welcomes Mayor Segarra, CHDC

May 07 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

Today, Chris welcomed Hartford Mayor Pedro E. Segarra and the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus to Team Murphy.  Joined by Mayor Segarra and Chairman of the CHDC Tomas Reyes, Chris called today "one of the most important days of this election."

 In announcing the endorsement, Reyes said, "We know he's not just talking the talk - he's got a track record he can speak from, unlike a lot of the other candidates."

 Chris was excited about the endorsement, which came just days after the CHDC debate (link to blog entry), and noted that, "no matter how badly outspent we are, I'm glad to have the voice of the CHDC behind me".  He went on to remark that if anyone had any doubts about the strength of the caucus, all they needed to do was go talk to the Governor and Lieutenant Governor down the street.

 Any day is great when Team Murphy grows, but there was definitely an added excitement around here today from this endorsement - having the support of the CHDC continue to give us the momentum we need to win!



Crossing the State

May 07 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink


Yesterday, Chris spent the day crossing the state to meet with delegates to this week's Democratic Convention.  

In New Haven, Chris got the chance to meet delegates from the third Congressional District - including North Haven, Wallingford, Durham, and New Haven.  He was introduced by New Haven's new Democratic Committee Chairwoman, Jackie James who also voiced her support for Chris' campaign.

In the evening, Chris travelled to Stamford, where he was joined at a meeting with their DTC by one of the newest members of Team Murphy, State Rep. William Tong.  William introduced Chris to Stamford's delegates before Chris spoke and took questions on everything from taxes to social security reform.  Chris also took the opportunity to invite the fifty or so members of the city's party leadership to keep in touch with him so he can continue to be involved locally in Stamford.  As Chris said, "I want to know what issues you care about, and the best way I can do that is for you to tell me what's going on in town, and invite me into your homes to talk."

Below are some photos from the event - check back to see if we'll be hosting any events in your neighborhood!


Chris Discusses Challenges and Opportunities for Connecticut Latinos

May 05 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

Today, Chris got the chance to talk about what he would do as senator to help create new opportunities for Connecticut's Latinos.  At the Connecticut Hispanic Democratic Caucus, Chris answered questions on everything from educational equality to immigration reform.

 Chris spoke about how education was what allowed him, "one generation from poverty," to be a candidate for United States Senate.  Chris hopes to ensure that all children, whether in Connecticut's largest cities or smallest town, have the same access to a good education.

 Chris also had the chance to discuss his proven record on immigration issues.  About the DREAM Act, Chris said, "Even though we knew that the United States Senate wouldn't pass it, we felt that it was important for the House of Representatives to show its support - and that's why I was proud to vote for it.  That's why we need experienced legislators in the Senate who can fight for its passage."

Below are some pictures from the debate - we'll be posting video in the next few days, so check back soon!


Team Murphy Keeps on Growing

May 03 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink


Yesterday was another big day for Team Murphy.  With Haddam and Morris, Chris has now been endorsed by 66 Democratic Town Committees from every corner of Connecticut.

Last night, Chris was also endorsed by Ed Morris, chairman of the East Lyme Democratic Town Committee, and a Committeeman for the 20th Senatorial District.  Below is a video of his speech - we're excited to have him on board!


Big Endorsements for Team Murphy

May 01 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

For more videos from todays event, please visit our YouTube channel.

Today was a big day for Team Murphy, as a trio of big endorsements were added to thousands of grassroots supporters from around the state.

 Governor Dan Malloy and Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman - the first democratic administration in nearly twenty years - voiced their strong support for Chris.

 "I've made a decision to support my friend Chris Murphy, who is an outstanding public servant in his own right," said Malloy. "He has all of the skill set necessary to continue to be an effective member of our representatives in Washington.  I hear frequently how often Chris is willing to argue the case for the people of Connecticut."

 "I am glad to be able to throw my support to Chris Murphy today," said Wyman. "I know Chris' voice will be strong and loud for the people of this state."

 Both Malloy and Wyman praised State Representative William Tong, who today ended his candidacy for the US Senate and endorsed Chris.

 "Today, I am proud to announce that Team Tong is merging with Team Murphy. Chris and I see our future from a very similar perspective.  We have the same priorities.  What we're fighting for is the same opportunity that not only that our parents have had, but Chris and I have had.  That's why I'm endorsing Chris."

 Malloy also took time to encourage delegates to the Democratic Convention this month to support Chris Murphy as the best candidate to win in November.

 "I think this race is going to be tough, and we should all get behind a candidate, and Congressman Murphy has one hell of a proven track record of pulling off tough election after tough election after tough election.  I'd hope the delegates would get behind Congressman Murphy."


Chris Stands with Connecticut’s Women and Workers

April 28 2012 by Nick Fabiani | Permalink

This morning, Chris attended two rallies at the State Capitol in Hartford to support the rights of Connecticut's women and workers.  

At the Unite Connecticut Women rally, Chris spoke with the women and men of all ages who are fighting every day to protect the reproductive health rights of women in Connecticut and around the country.  From the National Organization for Women to Planned Parenthood, these organizations are helping to ensure that all women have access to the healthcare services they need.

After, Chris attended the AFL-CIO's Worker's Memorial Day rally, along with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, Senator Richard Blumenthal, and Comptroller Kevin Lembo.  Chris spoke about the important role Connecticut's workers have played in building our state - and the need to ensure that our Unions can continue to fight for our workers.



An infographic of what we’ve built

April 11 2012 by Chris Murphy | Permalink


In the last 7 days of March alone, over 1,000 people stepped up to make donations to our campaign, making the first quarter of 2012 our most successful fundraising period to date.

Here are some of the unbelievable numbers we released to the press today regarding our first quarter fundraising:

* 3,106 individual contributions -- twice as many contributors as any previous quarter
* 86% of individual contributions were $250 or less
* Over $850,000 total raised in January, February, and March

At this point in the campaign, we've received the support of over 14,000 donors and personal endorsers from Connecticut. That's a stunning number for this early in the campaign.

And I have you to thank for helping to build this early strength.

To see what you've built, take a look at this infographic we put together that illustrates our first quarter fundraising success.

Thanks for everything you've done, and everything you will do.


1,149 to 1,085

March 22 2012 by Tim | Permalink

An email that just went out from Campaign Manager, Kenny Curran.

Team Murphy -

We've had more individual contributors to our campaign than any other candidate running for Connecticut's U.S. Senate seat in every single quarter.

But last quarter, for the first time, it was actually close.

Contributions to Team Murphy from October to December 2011: 1,149
Contributions reported by Linda McMahon from October to December 2011: 1,085

McMahon has already put her millions to work, blanketing the internet with ads to build lists of potential donors. If we're going to make it five-for-five, we need your support right now.

Can you help us demonstrate a broad grassroots support for our campaign by contributing $25 right now?

While we are the only campaign to lead every potential Republican challenger in the polls, the truth is that this race will probably be very close.

We've built the foundation for victory, but with debates underway, the convention in May, and a robust field program kicking off right around the corner, it's time to start putting the operation to work.

Your support before the critical March 31st fundraising deadline will ensure we have the resources to do that.

Thanks for stepping up.

Kenny Curran
Campaign Manager, Team Murphy

Video: Citizens United Teach-In

February 27 2012 by Tim | Permalink

From the Norwalk Hour

Concerned citizens packed a community room at the Uniterian Church in Westport on Saturday to hear U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy speak about a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that many attendees feel will quash the public's influence in federal elections.

Murphy, D-5, did little to quell the public's concerns about corporate political influence when he addressed "the disaster that has been wrought by Citizens United" and the possible remedies for the controversial Supreme Court decision at the Unitarian Church.

"If we let this go on much longer, we may never get it back," he said.


Behind the Scenes

January 31 2012 by Chris Murphy | Permalink

Campaigns can be fairly opaque to those who only see the candidates in half-hour blasts as they bounce from one event to the next. So I thought it would be useful to give a "Day in the Life" account of a recent, action-packed day on my Senate campaign. What follows is a very long, very detailed, behind-the-scenes account of Sunday, January 22, on the campaign trail.

9:00 a.m. "Good morning, church!"

Rob's volunteered to drive me today, and he picks me up in Cheshire at 9am. The day starts with church in New Haven. I'm scheduled to stop by three different services at churches on Dixwell Avenue in New Haven. These aren't campaign stops. Though African-American churches normally open their doors to candidates come election time, I don't want to wait until campaign season to develop these relationships. So I'm making three short visits to introduce myself to church leaders and their congregations. The energy in all three churches this morning is phenomenal. The enthusiasm is contagious, and I greet each congregation with a loud and friendly, "Good morning, church!" when it's my turn to stand up and speak. I talk for a few minutes (and even elicit a few "Amens" along the way), and stay long enough at each service to hear some wonderful gospel music. There's no better way to start a Sunday morning.

11:30 a.m. "I am neither Italian nor a woman"

Next stop is the National Organization of Italian American Women's award ceremony in New Haven. Rosa DeLauro is emceeing, and she is in her element. She rocks it. Unfortunately, I show up just after breakfast is served. Rats. I am HUNGRY. Campaigning can be cruel on the stomach--there's food at almost every event, but there's never time to eat. I crunch the ice from my water cup as Senator Blumenthal gets up on the stage. He opens by noting that he is neither Italian nor a woman. Laughs. Democratic chairwoman Nancy DiNardo is getting an award, but I have to bolt before she gets recognized. When Dick gets up to leave, I use him as cover, whisper congratulations to Nancy, and head out the back door.

1:00 p.m. "Half of the Board of Alderman is here!!"

I have to rush out of that event because my next stop is Rosa's house, and she is clearly not going to be there on time. This is the signature event of the day - a fundraiser hosted by Rosa and her husband Stan Greenberg that is doubling as a launch party to announce some of our supporters in New Haven. The event isn't fifteen minutes old yet and the place is PACKED. Sixteen of the 30 new Alderman are there (many of them giving me their endorsement), four members of the state legislative delegation, and even the Mayor himself (he's not endorsing, but came by to listen). The buzz is awesome, and after State Senator Marty Looney and State Representatives Toni Walker, Gary Holder-Winfield, and Roland Lemar offer their endorsements, I get up to say a few words. The event is running long so I keep it short, say a few quick goodbyes, and head out the door.

3:00 p.m. "I Know You!"

It's about a twenty minute drive to the home of David and Senator Gayle Slossberg, where I'm due to receive the endorsement of my good friend Gayle, along with the new Mayor of Milford Ben Blake, and veteran Woodbridge First Selectman Ed Sheehey. Again, the event is packed. Gayle did an awesome job bringing in some important people from Milford, Orange, West Haven, and Woodbridge. Since I'm in Washington so much, I can't get around to all the official Democratic Town Committee meetings that take place during the week, so these meet-and-greets are a key way for me to connect with influential local Democrats. As I'm getting ready to speak, a guy my age introduces himself to me and says we went to Boys State (a high school mock government program) together. "I know you!" I exclaim. Jim Maroney had been elected Governor of that particular Boys State, and I remember being totally envious. I haven't seen him in twenty years, and he just got elected to the Milford Board of Education!

5:00 p.m. "I'm Not Resigning"

It's a miracle we're still running on time. This is a crazy day. Two members of my political staff, Sean Scanlon and Kenny Curran, have been running from event to event to advance each one, trying to stay a few minutes ahead of Rob and I. So far, it's working brilliantly. The 5:00 event is a party in Hamden put together by Mayor Scott Jackson, an old friend, and the Hamden Democratic Chairman, Joe McDonagh. There's been some intrigue surrounding this event, after McDonagh sent out a press release teasing the event as "a major announcement" from Mayor Jackson. Scott is one of the most capable, talented Mayors in the state, and there's always a rumor around that he's going to get scooped up to take a major state or federal appointment. Much to the gossipmongers' chagrin, the only news was Jackson's endorsement of me. He gave a rousing, inspiring speech, prompting me to begin my remarks by introducing a new campaign rule to my staff: "This is the last time I'm following Scott Jackson on a speaking program." After I spend a few minutes talking with my good friends of the state legislature, Peter Villano and Brendan Sharkey, who are there to support me, I grab a slice of pepperoni and cheese bread and scurry out the door.

7:30 p.m. "Umpawaug Road does not sound like it's right off the highway"

Last stop: Redding! As we leave, Rob notes that the address sounds like we'll be traveling on a few classic Connecticut back roads. I've been meaning to get to see the Redding Democratic Town Committee for months, but it just never works out. Turns out that they are having a fundraiser tonight, and they are willing to convene a short meeting afterward to hear from me. As we make the drive from Hamden, I shut down my blackberry. The Giants-49ers game starts at 6:30, and I'm determined to block out any news so I can watch it on DVR when I get home. (As a huge sports fan, I've gotten pretty good at "going dark" like this over the years so I can watch the games unspoiled.) There's still a good crowd left when I arrive, and my speech seems to really connect. I get a fantastic response, the most exciting coming from Mary Ann Guitar, the matriarch of the Redding Democrats. She's been supporting me from the beginning of the Senate campaign, but we've actually never met. "You're alright!" she exclaims at the end of my remarks. It turns out that today is actually her 90th birthday, so we sing and blow out candles on a cake. She's looking great at 90!

11:30 p.m. "Sssshhhhhhhhhh"

I get home by 10:30. 8 events and countless major endorsements in 13 hours. Not bad. As I walk in the door, my wife Cathy hands me our 2-month-old baby. I couldn't do this without her, and she deserves to be able to head to bed after being with the kids all day. I sit down on the couch, turn on the game, and start the process of "shushing" Rider to sleep. He sleeps on and off on my chest for the next hour and a half as I "speed-watch" the NFC Championship game. At around 12:30, the game ends (Giants win!!) at almost the exact time Rider awakes ready for a feeding. I wake up Cathy (who got a whole hour of sleep!), and crawl into bed.

I fall asleep in 30 seconds.

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