1,600 = $1.1 million

April 06 2011 by Chris Murphy

I have some amazing news to report.

Powered by 1,600 contributors - 1,100 of which gave $100 or less - we surpassed all of our fundraising goals for the first 10 weeks of the campaign for U.S. Senate.

When we file our campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission, we'll show that we've raised $1.1 million in just over two months.

But the amazing part is how we got there:

* 1,600 people donated, and 1,100 of them were small donors who gave $100 or less
* 94% of the contributions we received were from individual donors
* 85% of our contributions came from Connecticut residents

But this campaign isn't just about raising money. Our aim is to build something new and different - to empower the involvement of a new generation of grassroots activists working with committed Democrats across the state. One of the best ways to do that is to get involved at your local Democratic Town Committee.

Let us know if you're a DTC member, would like to be, or are interested in attending meetings in your town.


Your local Democratic Town Committee meetings are a place all Democrats are welcome.

Your participation provides you the ability to interact with others looking to make a progressive difference in your communities.

Let us know if you're a member, would like to be, or are just interested in attending a meeting in your town.


If you aren't already, I hope you'll take the opportunity to attend your local meetings and maybe even help the campaign organize while you're there.

Thanks again for all of your support.