Linda McMahon Tells Courant Ed Board That Some Rape Victims Should Not Receive Contraception

October 16 2012

When asked about a woman raped in the middle of the night, McMahon’s instinct was to spit back GOP talking points rather than focus on the well-being of the woman

McMahon reveals opposition to 2007 CT law supported by 78% of Connecticut voters that guarantees emergency contraception to rape victims

Linda McMahon demeaned women as CEO of the WWE, shows her true anti-women colors in the few public appearances she has made these past weeks

ROCKY HILL-Former wrestling CEO Linda McMahon’s desperate attempts to hide her anti-choice positions to Connecticut voters were derailed over the past few days as it was revealed that she believes that victims of rape should not be guaranteed access to emergency contraception. She unveiled this radical right-wing position, which is at odds with Connecticut law, at an editorial board meeting with the Hartford Courant on Friday. McMahon then doubled down on this position in the Senate debate in New London last night, taking the same position on contraception for victims of what she called “emergency rape” who show up at Catholic hospitals as Todd Akin and other right-wing Republicans.

“Connecticut voters have made it clear that all victims of rape and sexual assault should be given the care they need no matter which hospital they get brought to in the middle of the night,” said Eli Zupnick, a spokesman for the Chris Murphy campaign. “But Linda McMahon told the Courant that she agrees with Todd Akin and right-wing Republicans that some rape victims shouldn’t be shown compassion, they should be shown the door.”

McMahon was very clear on Friday at the Courant editorial board meeting[VIDEO]:

CourantSo a rape victim, in a hospital. And it’s a hospital that is run by a Catholic institution. Emergency contraception, should that be—should she be sent to another hospital in the middle of the night when she’s in dire distress?

McMahon:I don’t think that the government should overreach. I mean it’s a separation of church and state in my view, and I think that a religious institution has the right to decide what its policies would be in that, in that case.

Courant:Yeah and I respect that, I just wonder if that institution, gets a certain, a majority of it’s money from the government, if it’s mostly federally funded, does that play a role in your thinking?

McMahon:Well I just think again, that it is an issue of separation of church and state, and that institution should decide what its role would be, and what it’s comfortable with doing in that instance.

But she tried to “clarify” her position at last night’s debate[VIDEO]

McMahon: I do want to clarify one thing that Congressman Murphy had said about this, um, the rape issue and contraception. That was asking the Hartford Courant review board, and it was really an issue about a Catholic church being forced to offer those pills if the person came in in an emergency rape... that was my response to it. I absolutely think that we should avail women who come in with rape victims the opportunity to have those morning after pills or that treatment that they should get.”

Though this latest statement is the most extreme, it is hardly the first anti-choice, anti-woman position that McMahon has taken on the campaign trail. McMahon, who made hundreds of millions of dollars producing wrestling spectacles in which women were beaten and demeaned, opposed the Paycheck Fairness Act and supports the infamous Blunt Amendment, an extreme right-wing plan that would have allowed employers to deny their female employees coverage to birth control, mammograms, and cervical cancer screenings for any reason.