Release: Another Bysiewicz Disaster: Attack Ad Hits Wrong Murphy

July 19 2012


Another Bysiewicz Disaster: Attack Ad Hits Wrong Murphy

Murphy campaign will ask CT broadcasters to take false Bysiewicz ad off airwaves

Scrolling background cites Comcast, Shipman and Goodwin, Wilson Development as “Wall Street” firms

ROCKY HILL—Adding to a series of political missteps, Susan Bysiewicz today began airing an ad that takes aim at her rival for the Democratic nomination for the U.S. Senate, Congressman Murphy. The problem is, Bysiewicz is actually attacking former Congressman Scott Murphy (D-NY).
The new ad accuses Chris Murphy of taking “more hedge fund money than any Democrat in Congress.” In fact, Chris Murphy has never been the top Democratic recipient of hedge fund contributions in Congress. Ever.

See for yourself. Here are the top recipients of hedge fund contributions:
For the 2012 election cycle
For the 2010 election cycle
For the 2008 election cycle (as their own fact check document attempts to claim)
In 2010, the top Democratic recipient of hedge fund contributions was Congressman Scott Murphy (D-NY), but not Congressman Chris Murphy (D-CT) as the ad falsely claims. Click HERE to see.

In addition, Bysiewicz’s ad scrolls a list of so-called “Wall Street” firms that includes Comcast, a cable and internet provider, Shipman and Goodwin, a well-known Connecticut law firm, and Wilson Development, a local real estate company.

Bysiewicz also launched an accompanying website called, which purports to list contributions to Murphy from Wall Street firms. That list includes the United Brotherhood of Carpenters (a carpenters’ union), the National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare (an organization that seeks to preserve Social Security and Medicare), and Arethusa Farms (a farm).  
"This is as embarrassing as it gets for a political candidate,” said Murphy campaign spokeswoman Taylor Lavender. “This ad, on so many levels, is so clearly wrong, and Susan Bysiewicz should take the ad down herself. It’s bad enough that she mixed up Chris with a different Murphy, but didn't she at least watch the ad before it went on the air to see that she was naming cable companies and law firms as “Wall Street” donors?"