Release: Why Won’t McMahon Debate Jobs Now?

August 16 2012

ROCKY HILL—Wrestling mogul and two-time Republican nominee Linda McMahon contradicted herself again yesterday, saying that she’s not ready to debate Chris Murphy on jobs right now.

“Why won’t Linda McMahon debate jobs right now?” said Murphy spokeswoman Taylor Lavender. “Jobs are the number one issue on the minds of people in Connecticut, so why won’t she publicly debate Chris Murphy on jobs? Does Linda McMahon really need a month for her handlers and consultants to tell her what to say?”

Murphy proposes a debate series starting next week. He proposes eight debates—one in every major region of the state: northeastern Connecticut, southeastern Connecticut, Hartford, Waterbury, New London, New Haven, Bridgeport, and Stamford.

“McMahon’s handlers want just four tightly-controlled debates to limit their candidate’s exposure to the voters and ‘difficult’ questions. That’s totally inadequate," said Lavender. "People across Connecticut should be able to see McMahon publicly explain why her so-called jobs plan gives her a $7 million tax break and guts critical funding for veterans programs, education, and job training."

"We will work with the McMahon campaign today to identify a location to hold next week's debate.  We're willing to debate anywhere - Groton, Hartford, or even around the corner from her mansion in Greenwich," added Lavender. "Chris doesn't think the voters should wait over a month to hear about McMahon's plans to pad her pockets with tax cuts for the rich. He wants to debate jobs now. McMahon doesn't."