Privacy Policy

First and foremost, if you have any questions about the information below, you can email us at That's a real email address someone checks, so you can be sure your question will be read and responded to.

So, what kind of information to do we collect when you visit Well, we often ask for things like your email address, zip code, issues that are important to you and ways you're interested in participating with the campaign. We use that voluntarily provided information to make sure you're getting relevant news from the campaign.

Of course, we also collect information required by the Federal Election Commission through our contribution forms when someone donates to the campaign. The process is entirely secure.

We may also collect information through "cookies" that store information about your visit to our site on your computer. We may also enable the collection of data about your site visit by third party vendors like Google to place ads on websites based on your visit to ours. You can erase these cookies or block them at any time through your browser, generally in the preferences menu option.

We do not ever sell this information or give it away to third party groups or organizations.

Privacy Policy last updated March 13, 2012.